The Liberty Group

About Us

The Liberty Group is an investment firm exclusively focused on the acquisition, operation and long-term development of smaller, lower middle market companies. We invest in niche manufacturers, unique service companies, manufacturer’s representative organizations and specialty distributors.

We buy and build smaller, niche businesses that fall outside the investment parameters of many professional investors due to varying factors including their smaller size, an Owner / Operator transition, or a need for "hands-on" management for a period of time. Our transactions provide liquidity for owners, capital for growth and acquisitions, and a path to long term growth for mature businesses.

The Liberty Group also invests in transactions where owners wish to sell and retire. These transitions are carefully planned to put a business in the best position to achieve long-term success as we are experienced with the unique market, business, cultural, and, at times, family issues that smaller companies face. Transactions are flexible and structured to meet the specific financial, legal and tax objectives of shareholders and management.

Given the vast financial and management resources of our portfolio companies we develop strategies that allow us to focus on profitable growth. With 5,000 active customers throughout the group we are able to cross sell into the vast majority of our customers.