The Liberty Group

Investment Business Solutions

The Liberty Group is an investment firm exclusively focused on the acquisition, operation and long term development of smaller, lower middle market companies. We invest in niche manufacturers, unique service companies, manufacturer’s representative organizations and specialty distributors.

We buy and build smaller, niche businesses that fall outside the investment parameters of many professional investors due to varying factors including their smaller size, an Owner / Operator transition, or a need for "hands-on" management for a period of time. Our transactions provide liquidity for owners, capital for growth and acquisitions, and a path to long term growth for mature businesses.

Our Portfolio Companies

Below you will find our portfolio of companies. Visit their respective websites to learn more about them.
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Libetry Electric Products

Liberty Electric Products

Providing on-site, personalized expertise to building owners, maintenance managers, architects, process managers, design engineers, and professional contractors.

Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies is the ideal choice for an OEM seeking customized product solutions from a focused and agile partner having supported over 5,000 customers across all sectors of the electronics industry.

New England Electrical Sales

New England Electrical Sales

New England Electrical Sales is a young, energetic corporation in the electrical distribution industry supplying products for industrial, commercial, and residential applications to electrical wholesalers in New England for over 40 years.

EC Fans and Drives LLC - an Epec Company

EC Fans & Drives

EC Fans & Drives LLC specializes in the design and manufacture of Electronically Commutated Motors and Fans to Original Equipment Manufacturers in the commercial refrigeration industry.

Metal Craft Machining - an Epec Company

Metal Craft Machining

Metal Craft Machining has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing precision parts to our customer’s exact specifications. With 3-axis, 4-axis, or 5-axis milling machines, the professional CNC engineers at Metal Craft have machined parts for a wide variety of industries.

NetVia Group - an Epec Company

NetVia Group

NetVia Group is a manufacturer of high-reliability, advanced printed circuit board technology. For over 30 years, the most advanced and innovative technology companies have relied on NetVia Group for all of their time-critical, high performance PCB solutions.

Liberty Hospitality Enterprises

Liberty Hospitality Enterprises

Liberty Hospitality Enterprises is an active and passive investor in unique restaurant concepts that are headed by exceptionally driven people. We provide capital in many different forms, including equity, to help the leadership team create great experiences and interesting concepts for their customers.